Our ticket allocation depends upon the number of BTMs at our Club who have OPTed IN for the ballot. The numbers so far are quite low so please OPT IN now if you haven't already done so.

To be eligible to enter our ballot you must be a BTM with Magdalen Park LTC listed as one of your tennis clubs and have opted in for the 2019 ballot.

If you OPTed IN for the 2018 ballot you will still need to OPT IN every year.

You can OPT IN to the ballot in several ways, either online, by email, or by phone.

Online – Log on to the LTA website (www.lta.org.uk), log in with your username and password, hover over your name on the top right. Go to Members Home, Wimbledon Ballot and Opt-In
By email – Send an email to (info@lta.org.uk) with your name and BTM number saying you want to OPT IN. One email can cover several members of one family if you list each person and their BTM number
By phone – Phone the LTA on 020 8487 7000 (option 1) with your details and ask them do it. They are very friendly and helpful